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    Product ID:41303

    Wafer Sizes:8"/200mm



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    2 Chamber System (Wsix CVD ) Hardware Configuration: - 3-Chamber(L/R/C) System - DCS-Wsix process specification(HT) - Dry pump for both loadlock Module - 2-Loadlock , 2-Cassette Module - Turbo pump and dry pump for transfer and process chambers - Display with touch panel at clean room side. - Monitor with keyboard and mouse at maintenance area - Gas line config - one line splitting to two chambers - 2 MKS baratron for process chamber (5Torr and 50mTorr) - Gas WF6 5sccm , DCS 500sccm , Ar 200sccm (2Ea) , - Ar(backside Ar) 100sccm , ClF3 500sccm - AC208V / 150Hz / 3-PHASE / 100kVA breaker - Water Pressure 5 kgfcm2 max - Water Flow 33 litre/min - Water Temperature 15 - 25 degC - General Exhaust Volume 3.2 m3/min - TEL Secondary breaker box 1Ea - BOC DE150 GRC Scrubber - Mainframe of Software Version : V4-8gL

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    OEM Model Description

    The MB2-730 is a highly reliable system designed for advanced process capability in tungsten and tungsten silicide CVD applications. It has been in production for 5 years and has proven to be a dominant tool in the CVD tungsten silicide market, with a market share of over 70%. This system is known for its reliability and advanced process capabilities, making it a popular choice for those in the industry.

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