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6" Fab For Sale from Moov - Click Here to Learn More
6" Fab For Sale from Moov - Click Here to Learn More
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6" Fab For Sale from Moov - Click Here to Learn More
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Customer-Focused Purchasing Options

Make your next purchase seamless, reliable, and stress-free with Moov's Assurance, Logistics, and Refurbishment Services.

Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence with Moov's Money Back Guarantee. Moov is the only company in the industry offering the option to return your purchase with no questions asked.
How It Works

You are automatically opted into our Money Back Guarantee free of charge.

For a full 30 days after delivery, notify our Customer Success team if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Moov will ship your equipment back with no questions asked.

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Equipment Liquidation

Maximize recovery on capital assets by entrusting your enterprise equipment liquidation to Moov.
How It Works

Leverage the expertise of our global team to ensure the best prices, fastest timelines, and lowest risk when you sell your idle and unused capital equipment.

Moov offers white-glove service including pricing and strategy recommendations, buyer verification, and compliance support to help you recover value from equipment seamlessly.


Hand Off the Hard Work

Get the tool you need with end-to-end support. Services include de-install, rigging, crating, shipping, installation, and refurbishment.
How It Works

Our global provider network will provide a quote for the services you need in 5 days or less. Our compliance and logistics support teams are at your disposal 24/7 to coordinate your delivery from start to finish.


Customer Portal:Live Tracking

Track your purchase every step of the way, with Moov's complimentary GPS location monitoring service that includes real-time updates while your cargo is en-route.
How It Works

Track environmental conditions of your cargo en route. Moov's logistics service includes real-time GPS location, g-force measurements, humidity levels, light exposure, and temperature data.


Moovment Liability Insurance

Enjoy worry-free international shipping. Moov helps eliminate risk from shipping goods through Moov-ment liability insurance.

Moov has partnered with trusted insurance providers to offer low cost protection for high tech equipment. Rest easy knowing your interests are covered in a complex supply chain, from de-installation through freight forwarding.

How It Works

You pay a fee of $0.35 per $100 of transaction value for coverage.

Should an incident occur in transit, Moov's Customer Success team will directly handle your claim with insurers and immediately pay out any settlement obtained.


Fast, Reliable, Secure

Day Delivery

Domestic deliveries average 11 days; international, 56 days

Damage Claims

Track record of 0 claims resulting from damage in transit


Ongoing customer satisfaction rate of 99% | +1 480-690-6800 |