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Company Profile

The fastest growing semi equipment marketplace in the world
Who are we?

Moov Technologies, Inc.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, & Tempe, Arizona | Global Presence in 55+ countries
Management:Steven Zhou, CEO | Maxam Yeung, Co-Founder and Sales Director
Mission: Make it as easy as humanly possible for businesses to buy, sell, and manage equipment
Why Moov?

The Numbers

  • We pay our suppliers on average in <10 days
  • 94% would or already have recommended Moov to a colleague
  • 92% of our customers are pleased with our services
  • 95% of buyers and sellers leverage Moov's logistics services
Buy with Moov

The Listings

Browse thousands of Listings on
  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • LED
  • Solar
Buying Used Benefits:
  • Significant discount compared to new OEM
  • Reduced lead times (~2 weeks to 2 months)
Sell with Moov

The Marketplace

Moov buys all semi equipment:
  • Used
  • Idle
  • Surplus
  • Scrap Tools
Easily listing your equipment on
Manage with Moov


Concierge Service:
  • World Class Team
  • Dedicated Account Manager to find a Buyer FAST
Door-to-Door Logistics:
  • Full Access to user-friendly Buyer Portal
  • LIVE Shipment Tracking
  • Compliance/Logistics Team Support 24/7
Additional Services Include:
  • De-install, Rigging, Crating, Shipping
  • Refurbishment, Installation, etc