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    Key Item Details


    Operational Status:unknown

    Product ID:59208

    Wafer Sizes:4"/100mm, 5"/125mm, 6"/150mm, 8"/200mm



    Upgraded DNS SS-W80A-AR Wafer Spin Scrubber - 3 Front, 3 Back Side Scrubbing Units w/ Nanospray - Spin Scrubbing Method Modification (High Pressure Jet, D-Sonic, Nanospray) - Spin Unit Modification (Front Side, Back Side, Double Sides) - Wafer Flow Modification (Left to Right or Right to Left) - Note: HF, NH4OH, SCI or SC2 Chemical Scrubbing Modification is available


    Wafer Spin Scrubbing/Cleaning

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    OEM Model Description

    The SS-W80A-AR is a double-side scrubber that responds to the strict processing needs for the next-generation processes with complete contamination control and the latest precision processing capacity. The body is compact allowing installation space to be greatly reduced. Attention has also been paid to the operability, maintenance and safety. The SS-W80A-AR supports 8-inch wafers

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