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The Precio™ series is a fully automatic wafer-probing platform designed to meet the increasing demand for probing technology in the test process. With process miniaturization, higher device functionality, and package variety, the Precio™ series offers reliable solutions to a wide range of probing demands. It has a wafer size of 200/300mm and uses ball screw stage technology. The XY probing accuracy is ±1.8μm, and the Z probing accuracy is ±5.0μm, allowing for more reliable contacts and greater Z-axis control for soft contact. The probing force is 200/300kg (available as an option). The optical system used is ASU/BCU-Ⅱ, and the operation system is Windows+VME. Optimum temperature control during testing and increased parallel die testing are also achieved with the Precio™ prober series.

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