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TELFORMULA is an advanced thermal processing system designed for the production of 65 to 45-nm-node-generation devices and beyond. It offers a reasonable Cost of Ownership (CoO), a short cycle time, and significantly improved process performance. Some of its key features include an ultra-clean, all-quartz reactor, state-of-the-art heater element technology, high-speed wafer-transfer robotics, and in-situ dry gas cleaning technology. TELFORMULA has a wide range of applications, including radical oxidation (LPRO), ultra-thin gate dielectrics formation (oxidation, nitridation), LPCVD (supporting Poly, Sin, SiO2 / Dry gas cleaning), ultra-low temperature LPCVD, and high-k film formation (AIO, HfO, AIO / HfO, HfSiO). With its advanced technology and versatile capabilities, TELFORMULA is an optimal choice for thermal processing in the semiconductor industry.

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