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The CLEAN TRACK LITHIUS i+ is a 300-mm/200-mm coater/developer designed for technology nodes 45-nm and beyond. It was developed based on three concepts: improved processing, short cycle times, and enhanced network solutions. The system achieves increased responsiveness and stability for important process technologies, shorter lead and start-up times, and allows for easier modifications. It is designed with a metrology integration block and offers an increased network capability that integrates various advanced network technologies, such as eDiagnostics and APC. The CLEAN TRACK LITHIUS i+ supports a throughput of 150 WPH (wafer per hour) and features a thermally isolated design that minimizes thermal interference. It comes standard with the core network solution “Ingenio,” a data analysis platform, and allows for full system integration of measurement and inspection tools. The CLEAN TRACK LITHIUS i+ is specifically developed for immersion technology and is suitable for lithography processes such as ArF immersion, ArF, KrF, and i-line.

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