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    Operational Status:Installed / Idle

    Product ID:94247

    Wafer Sizes:Unknown



    Disco HiTec DFDG Dicing Saw Model


    with Square chuck table for package singulation

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    OEM Model Description

    2017 Developed DFD6562, a small-footprint, fully automatic dicing saw that supports Φ300 mm wafers. A space-saving solution for Φ300 mm dicing 16% reduced footprint DFD6560 is equipped with uniquely developed short spindles and an optimized bridge-type frame structure resulting in a 16% reduced footprint. All maintenance can be performed from the front of the equipment, thus reducing the area needed for installation and maintenance areas by 20% (compared to the DFD6362). The DFD6560 is particularly ideal when installing multiple adjacent units.

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