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JetStep G35


The JetStep G35 system is a high volume manufacturing imaging system designed for up to Gen 3.5 displays. It enables high resolution imaging down to 1.5µm and provides the registration and stitching accuracy required for advanced manufacturing of high resolution displays. The JetStep G35 system is suitable for a variety of applications, including LCD, TFT, AMOLED, and Micro-LED displays. It features a high-fidelity projection lens and illumination system, an industry standard 6-inch reticle format for cost-efficient manufacturing, automated magnification control, an on-board reticle management system, an on-board metrology package for insitu calibration, on-the-fly autofocus at every exposure site, and on-board diagnostics for system performance and troubleshooting. Overall, the JetStep G35 system is a powerful tool for display manufacturers looking to produce high-quality displays at scale.

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