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Tactras™ is a 300mm plasma etch system that enhances etch process productivity. It provides customized solutions for high aspect ratio holes, trench etch, mask and dielectric etch, and BEOL dielectric etch. The common base product design allows Tactras™ to be built for specific applications. The etch chambers that can be installed on Tactras™ employ optimal design technologies to achieve excellent within-wafer uniformity, low wafer-to-wafer variation, and high selectivity in shaping the etch profile. Up to 6 chambers can be installed on Tactras™, each capable of handling different etch applications as required. Tactras™ offers operational advantages enabled by TEL’s cumulative knowhow on production technology, including a robust design to minimize machine-to-machine and chamber-to-chamber variation, particle reduction technology, unit-assembly inspection, and labor-saving automation. All of these contribute to customers’ productivity.

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