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The CLEAN TRACK™ Mark-Vz is a top-selling coater developer system for 4 to 6 inch wafers, developed by TEL. With over one thousand and hundreds of systems shipped worldwide, the Mark-Vz has become an industry standard through continuous quality improvement and upgrading. Even after 30 years since its release, the Mark-Vz is still widely used in various applications and remains active in production today. The system can handle wafer sizes of 75/100/150mm and has a throughput of 60 wph for inline processes. It is compatible with substrates such as Si, GaAs, GaN, GaP, SiC Glass, Sapphire, AlTiC, LN, and LT. Additionally, the Mark-Vz features a transfer robot for added convenience. With its comprehensive range of scale options and valuable knowledge and experience in the market, the Mark-Vz is a reliable choice for coating and developing needs.

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