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The SUPRA® series with the GEMINI® field emission column has excellent low voltage imaging capabilities. Low voltage imaging with low dose energy avoids surface damaging of delicate biological samples. The efficient signal collection and the high contrast dynamic range of the GEMINI® column is particularly useful for low contrast biological samples. With the VP (variable pressure) mode on the SUPRA® 40VP or SUPRA® 55VP non-conducting biological samples can be imaged without prior preparation saving time and avoiding possible artefacts introduced with specimen preparation like drying, fixation and conductive coating. Another major application for biological specimens or colloid chemistry is cryo-FE-SEM. The SUPRA® range has a large cryo port for adaptation of cryo systems on the chamber or a cryo shuttle with offchamber cryo preparation. With the SUPRA® superb high resolution imaging capabilities it is now possible to image details previously only seen with replicas in the TEM.

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