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    1) Performance Resolution: - 1.5 nm guaranteed (at accelerating voltage 15 kV, working distance 4mm) - 4.0 nm guaranteed (at accelerating voltage 1 kV, working distance 3mm) Magnification: - High magnification mode: 50x to 500,000x - Low magnification mode: 20x to 1,500x - (maximum imaging field: 3.5mm dia.) 2) Electron Optics - Electron gun: Cold-cathode field emission electron gun - Emission extracting voltage (Vext): 0 to 6.5 kV - Accelerating voltage (Vacc): 0.5 to 30 kV (variable in 100 V step) - Lens system: 3-stage electromagnetic lens - Objective aperture: Movable aperture (4 openings selectable/alignable outside column Self-cleaning type thin aperture - Stigmator: Electromagnetic type - Scanning coil: 2-stage electromagnetic type 3) Specimen stage - Motion X: 0 to 100 mm (continuous) - Motion Y: 0 to 50 mm (continuous) - Motion Z (WD): 3 to 33 mm (continuous) - Motion T (tilt): -5° to +60° - Motion R (rotation): 360° (continuous) - Maximum specimen size: 150 mm dia. (airlock specimen exchange) 4) Display Unit - Principle: Flicker-free display with built-in image memory (at all scan speeds) - Viewing CRT: 12" display monitor x 2 sets (including an image memory unit) - Photo CRT: Ultra high resolution type (recording area: 120 x 90 mm) x 1 set - Scanning mode: Normal scan, split screen/dual magnification, line scan, position setting, spot, AAF (analysis area finder), SAA (selected area analysis), oblique mode - Scanning speed: 0.3, 2, 10/9, 20/25 s/frame for viewing mode (50/60 Hz) TV, 40/35, 80/100, 160, 320 s/frame for photo recording mode (50/60 Hz) TV Signal: NTSC or PAL - Signal processing/operation mode: Automatic brightness & contrast control, gamma control, dynamic stigmator monitor, auto focus, automatic stigmator. - Recordable/printable data: Film no., accelerating voltage, magnification, micron scale, micron value, date/time and working distance printable on picture - Data entry: Arbitrary alphanumeric characters and symbols overlayable at any image position through keyboard - Electrical image shift: ± 20 μm at WD 20 mm 5) Vacuum system: - Vacuum sequence: Full-auto pneumatic valve system - Ultimate vacuum: 7 x 10^-4 Pa (specimen chamber) & 1 x 10^-7 Pa (electron gun chamber) - Vacuum pumps: - Electron optics: 3 ion pumps - Specimen chamber: 1 diffusion pump & 2 rotary pumps - Compressor: 1 unit


    -Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) -Type II -EDX

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