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The CC-200 is a compact and easy-to-use load-lock type Plasma-CVD system for R&D use and production. It features a high-density plasma process on 27.12MHz and supports the deposition of SiH4 (SiO2, SiNx, SiON, a-Si) and TEOS (SiO2). The system also supports chamber cleaning by CF4+O2 plasma, a heater for low-temperature deposition of organic EL, and various substrate sizes. The CC-200 is capable of vacuum box-enabled indirect sequential processing within the C-series (Sputter: CS-200, Evaporation: CV-200). It has applications in power devices, compound-related devices of LED, LD and high-speed devices, organic EL systems for R&D use, solar battery systems for R&D use, and MEMS.

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