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    "The iQ Drypumping System is a microprocessor-controlled, modular, dry pump package with advanced control and monitoring capabilities. It can be controlled locally via a handheld LCD panel or remotely through a customized tool interface. All major control elements are conveniently located within the system's footprint. Equipped with integrated sensors, the iQ dry pumping system continuously monitors critical performance parameters and provides early warning of any issues. These sensors measure motor power, current, total and purge nitrogen flow, pump and motor temperatures, as well as additional parameters like exhaust gas back pressure, oil level, water flow, and exhaust gas temperature. The iQ pumpset parameters can be easily monitored and displayed through various output devices, including handheld or panel-mounted control modules, local PCs or laptops, and OEM-specified tool interfaces. It offers seamless integration with fab-wide networks for comprehensive monitoring and control. PC as part of a fab-wide network"

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