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Plasma Etch

The UNITY® IIe is a plasma etch system designed to achieve excellent cost performance for the 130nm design rule and future technology generations. It is one of the various platforms of the UNITY® series, including IIe, M, and Me, which were designed to achieve higher productivity and reliability for specific applications. The UNITY® IIe 85 delivers world-class process results on a wide range of plasma etch applications, including HARC, Dual Damascene, low-k dielectrics, poly gate, and shallow trench etch. It features PE (IIe), IEM (IIe), DRM and SCCM chambers, and is known for its high throughput, compact design, and lower CoO. Additionally, it offers ease of maintenance and a Flow Control System (Me). The UNITY® IIe is available in 84, 85 and 88 models.

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