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The NSX-80 is an automated defect inspection system developed by August Technology. It is capable of detecting defects as small as 0.5 microns and is 300mm ready. It can inspect whole wafers, wafers on film frames, die in gel/waffle paks, MCMs, and others. The system features automated data collection and reporting, wafer mapping and identification, and inking. It operates in a menu-based, easy-to-use Windows® NT environment. The NSX-80 solves the problems associated with manual wafer and die inspection, which is slow, inconsistent, and training-intensive. The system offers consistent, accurate, and high-speed inspection with manual or automated handling. Compared to manual inspection, the NSX-80 provides faster and more consistent defect detection and automatically collects data for improved process management. It eliminates operator fatigue, stress, and ongoing training problems while increasing throughput and reducing floor space requirements. The improved quality and consistency of the semiconductor product can also lead to better supplier-customer relations.

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