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The Moov Semiconductor Equipment Hot List (8/27/2020)

Used Semiconductor Equipment In Demand This Week

Buyers and sellers of second source semiconductor equipment were uniquely aligned this week. Check out our weekly top 10 list to see which make/models were most in demand (and also most listed on Moov's marketplace!).

We combined data from across Moov's global used semiconductor equipment marketplace with data from Google to understand which semiconductor manufacturing equipment makes and models semiconductor equipment buyers are looking for based on search and browsing trends. Next to each semiconductor tool we have included the number of consecutive weeks this make/model has been on our top 10 in-demand semiconductor equipment list.

This week, the top in-demand make/models of semicondcutor equipment included steppers and scanners, mask aligners, etchers, thermal evaporators and final test equipment. Check out listings for new additions to this week's top-10 on Moov's marketplace:

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Without further ado, this week’s top 10 hot tools:

  1. TERADYNE J750 - Teradyne - Final Test - 1st week
  2. TERADYNE Ultraflex - Teradyne - Final Test - 1st week
  3. KARL SUSS MA6 - Karl Suss - Mask Aligners - 1st week
  4. CHA Mark 50 - CHA - Thermal Evaporator - 1st week
  5. Nikon S205 - Nikon - Steppers and Scanners - 1st week
  6. PLASMATHERM 790 - Etchers & Ashers - 1st week
  7. KARL SUSS MJB 3 - Mask Aligners - 1st week
  8. CANON FPA 3000 I4 - Steppers and Scanners - 1st week
  9. OXFORD Plasmalab 100 - Etchers & Ashers - 1st week
  10. NIKON S208 - Steppers and Scanners - 1st week

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