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    Created: April 25, 2022


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    Key Item Details

    Condition: As Is

    Product ID: 57213

    Wafer Sizes:

    Vintage: Unknown


    No description available


    Wire cutter Estimated weight: 45 Kg, 100 Lbs Dimensions: 16"x12"x12"

    OEM Model Description

    The CS-338 offers enhanced performance and ease of use over our previous models. The tracker belt wire-feed system ensures gentle handling of wires for 30-8 AWG (0.05-8 mm2) and is now faster than preceding models. Additionally, wire change over and machine operation have been improved by the introduction of Lever Belt openers and angled operator panel. With these enhanced features, the “next-generation” CS-338 is guaranteed to provide you with maximum performance and value.

    Other Information
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