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MPA 600


The Canon MPA-600 FA is a one-to-one projection aligner for 6" wafers. It uses a high intensity Mercury lamp to expose the wafer through a mask plate and a series of mirrors. The wafer scans horizontally through an arc of light at a specified scan speed to expose the light-sensitive positive photoresist that was coated onto the wafer. The Canon MPA-600 FA has a wafer size of 5 or 6 inches and a mask size of 6 or 7 inches square. It uses a projection mirror with a magnification of 1X and an illuminator that is a 2kW super high pressure mercury lamp. The exposure wavelengths used are 365 nm (i-line), 405 nm (h-line), and 436 nm (g-line). The resolution is 2.5 um over the entire 6 inch surface and the depth of focus is more than +/- 6 um at linewidth 1.5 um. The alignment accuracy is 3 sigma, < or = 0.6 um.

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