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ALPHA-8SE™ is a batch thermal processing system which covers multiple applications over a wide temperature range. The ALPHA-8SE™ was introduced for 200mm wafer processing in the mid 1990’s. Since its introduction, the ALPHA-8SE™ has undergone continuous improvements to productivity, reliability and stability enabling performance for today’s most advanced diffusion and deposition processes such as ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition), low pressure radical oxidation and low temperature nitrides. The ALPHA-8SE™ supports 100/150/200mm wafer sizes and up to 150 wafer batch size for semiconductor thin film applications including: oxidation & anneal, LPCVD of Si (Poly, a-Si), Si3N4, SiO2, and high-k ALD. Successor to Alpha 8S, 100-200mm vertical, can handle high-k ALD low pressure oxide and low temp nitride.

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