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6" Fab For Sale from Moov - Click Here to Learn More
6" Fab For Sale from Moov - Click Here to Learn More
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6" Fab For Sale from Moov - Click Here to Learn More
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The new way to buy & sell semiconductor equipment

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Second-hand equipment, first-class service

Transact with confidence with verified, up-to-date information on the tools you need, at a price you want, with 24/7 customer support, integrated payments, logistics, asset management, and a growing ecosystem of aftermarket services.

Shipping equipment globally across 65+ countries
Day Delivery

Domestic deliveries average 11 days; international, 56 days

Damage Claims

Track record of 0 claims resulting from damage in transit


Ongoing customer satisfaction rate of 99%

How It Works

Find high quality manufacturing equipment fast, at reduced prices, and monetize your surplus equipment with Moov's one-stop second-hand equipment platform.



Search thousands of active equipment listings from a single place.

Create Tool Requests

Simplify equipment procurement by indicating your needs including make, model, configuration, budget and let Moov do the searching for you.

Review Tool Matches

Moov adapts given your Tool Requests and preferences, providing customized recommendations aligned with your requirements.

Ask Technical Questions

Need to know more specifics? If an accessory is included? With Moov, you can ask the seller your questions securely and anonymously.

Purchase and Track

We’re experts in logistics and paperwork. Once equipment ships you can view GPS tracking data, delivery estimates and any documents for your purchase.


Register for a Free Account

Sign up in less than a minute to start monetizing your unused equipment.

Enterprise Management for Listings

We’re able to list and manage your large volume of equipment without adding additional complexity.

Q&A for Technical Tool Questions

Get notified when you have a buyer and there’s a question that needs your answers all in Moov’s online marketplace.

Logistics Handled

Know your equipment will be purchased from validated buyers while Moov takes care of deinstallation, packaging, and shipping.

Get Paid Fast

Moov’s sales team armed with proprietary matching and marketing software works globally 24/7 to sell your equipment for you.

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The Moov Difference

  • Clear and up-to-date information
  • Global network of supply and demand
  • End-to-end service from multi-lingual transactions to international logistics.
  • The industry's only buyer satisfaction guarantee.
  • That's the Moov difference.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Top manufacturers choose Moov for their second-hand equipment needs.

Over companies and growing