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    Created: September 15, 2021


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    Key Item Details

    Condition: As Is

    Product ID: 45574

    Wafer Sizes:

    Vintage: Unknown


    Microscope: motorized Zeiss Axiotron 2 Trinocular head with camera mount adapter HAL 100 illuminator Objective lenses: 44 23 24 Epiplan NEOFLUAR 5x/0.15 HD ∞/0 44 29 44 Epiplan 20x/0.40 HD ∞/0 44 26 55 Epiplan APOCHROMAT 50x/0.90 HD DIC ∞/0 1017-544 Epiplan APOCHROMAT 100x/0.95 HD DIC ∞/0 44 26 90 Epiplan APOCHROMAT 150x/0.95 ∞/0 Eyepieces: Pl 10x/25 44 40 34 and 44 40 33 Motorized fast/slow fine focus control Motorized quintuple objective turret Adjustable-inclination eyetube With MEG system Baumer OD106435 firewire color camera Table: Vibration isolation (pneumatic) High-mass scope platform Polished stainless steel exterior Bumper rails front/back to keep operators from hitting scope platform Perforated tables on both sides of microscope platform Stage: Motorized, remote controlled 16" travel X/Y axes 4.5" travel coarse Z/focus axis 300mm wafer theta (rotation) pedestal is removable Removable stage plate leaves large open area in middle of stage Manual adjustment knobs X/Y and fine Z Digital position readout Selectable X/Y motion speed Control PC: Windows XP, Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz, 3GB RAM Image software: SEC Imagescope 2.4 Power: Power: 230V 1phase 15A 50/60Hz plus compressed air 6kgf/cm2


    Includes: (1) Seoul Engineering SEC-2000AT Inspection system (20) Spare Philips 7724 lamps (1) Pile of software installation discs including Windows and Imagescope 2.4 Manufacturer: Seoul Engineering Co., Ltd. Model SEC-2000AT Inspection System Inspection microscope with video measurement & photo capability All linear axes, objectives and lighting are remote-controlled Semiconductor wafer capacity: up to 300mm

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