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October 26th, 2019
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October 26th, 2019
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Reactors / MOCVD
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Process: LRW From original tool PO, please inspect to verify Process: 4200-60 CONTACT W DEPSoftware Version: 5.86B150P2System Power Rating : 208 AC 3-PhaseLoading Configuration: 3load port(Brooks) Chm Position  1: C3 ALTUS CHA- Chemicals / Gases Used Ar/SiH4/H2/WF6/NF3/B2H6 Chm Position  2: C3 ALTUS CHB-Chemicals / Gases Used Ar/SiH4/H2/WF6/NF3/B2H6 Facility & InterfaceAltus Module Locations: DualWTS(backbone) Facilities Connection Configuration: Bottom Facilities InstallationRemote Interconnect Cables: 75 feet4 Color Flush Mount Signal Tower: 34-291897-04Factory Automation Interface (Over Head Transport), [E84 AMHS Protocal]: E84 controller 02-321482-00 /E84 cable 03-160683-00WTS Frame: 3 FOUP, IMM, F472 FOUP or 3 FOUP Front End Interface: 3 FOUPFixload FOUP RF ID Reader: READER,RFID,OMRON V640-HS61 27-327806-00Fixload Firmware: Rev 2.9Remote Back End User Interface (Ergotron): 04-346723-00Primary Front End User Interface Position: RightModular Power Distribution, [MPD,DUAL, ALTUS,C3PDP]: 01-296434-03 Front End (backbone)ATM Robot Kit (Traverser, Robot, Controller), [Reliance]: Traverser 02-320123-00/Robot 02-343723-00/Controller 02-343877-00ATM Robot Firmware (for friction end effector): 1.47ATM Robot End Effector (Friction Type): 15-360099-01Transfer Module Robot With Leapfrong Armset, [Mag7]: DRIVE UNIT 27-355276-00/Arm set 63-263892-00Transfer Module to Chamber Valve (SMC Valve): 63-294083-02Cooling Pedestals in Loadlocks: 02-307891-01 Right, 02-307891-02 LeftThrottle Valve, WTS: 60-100802-00Loadlock ATM Gate Valve, VAT: 63-328046-00Loadlock Vacuum Gate Valve, VAT: 60-309252-00Leak check shut-off valve (attach to existing KF-40): 04-110786-00Readiness Kit (If ordered as a single Altus): NAMini Environment AWC: InstalledTransfer Module AWC (LED), [SENSOR XMITTER/SNS RECIEVER]: 03-257256-00\03-257257-00IMM Ready (IMM Mount, cabling, 17" UI, Traverser, etc): NO  Software/ControlsModule Controller Type: 02-321865-00 System Controller Type: 61-311719-00System Software (Proteus): 2.653 B24System Software (QNX): 5.83 B22WTS IOC: Firmware0: HDESIOC/1.3091: N/AE84/AWC: HDESIOC/1.407Altus IOC: Firmware0: ESIOC Firmware 1.3091: ESIOC Firmware 1.3092: ESIOC Firmware 1.309Chase UI Computer: 04-346723-00Windows Version: Windows 2000 Process Chamber ConfigurationShower Heads: 16-289070-00Pedestal Position #1-#4 (ASSY, PED,300MM WCVD,PREHEAT): 16-341152-00MOER Rings 2.25mm: 02-344085-02Remote Plasma Clean(Generator, 4L, Astron): 27-261291-00Indexer Plate, HUB: 15-100082-00Indexer Plate, Upper Assembly: 15-046309-00Spindle Assembly: 02-347420-00IR Endpoint Detector, Kit: 27-304149-00Leak Check Shutoff Valve for Process Module: 60-268274-00ASSY,HOLDER,CARRIER RING,300MM,C3 ALTUS: 02-332440-00Throttle Valve MKS (Pressure Control Valve): 60-174047-00Throttle Valve MKS (Controller/Firmware): 27-325180-00Gate Valve, L-Motion, SMC: 63-294083-02KIT,SYMM FORELINE & EXHAUST,C3ALT: 04-363404-00 Gas Box Configuration:Micron Special: All Digital MFC with Gas Interface: B2H6 PA type , others are PI typeALD valves: ALD ValvesSlot: GasA & B Manifold: 3: PI-98 H2 / 30 SLM4: PI-98 Ar / 20 SLMI: PI-98 NF3 / 5 SLMD Manifold: 1: PI-98 Ar / 5 SLM2: PI-98 SiH4 /500 SCCMN: FC-PA7800C B2H6 /500 SCCMH Manifold: D: PI-98 Ar/20 SLMW Manifold: 5: PI-98 WF6/500 SCCMC Manifold: 8: PI-98 Ar/10 SLM9: PI-98 H2 / 30 SLMJ Manifold: E: PI-98 WF6/500 SCCMK Manifold: G: PI-98 SiH4 /500 SCCMF: PI-98 Ar/5 SLMX: FC-PA7800C B2H6 /750 SCCMAr Carrier Manifold: C: PI-98 Ar / 20 SLMM: PI-98 Ar / 20 SLMM Manifold: J: PI-98 WF6/500 SCCMN Manifold: K: PI-98 WF6/500 SCCMF Manifold: P: PI-98 Ar / 20 SLM BaratronAltus, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 100 TORR: 27-10340-00Altus, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 10 TOR: 27-10343-00Altus, Backside, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 100 TORR: 27-10340-00WTS, Loadlock, MANOMETER,100T,MKS,750B,DSUB: 27-126439-00WTS, TM, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 100 TORR: 27-10340-00 SUPPORTING REMOTE UNITSOne Process Pump per process chamber, will be provided by ordering Fab: IH1800SCOne Pedestal pump per process chamber, will be provided by ordering Fab: ADS 1202HOne WF6 divert pump per system, will be provided by ordering Fab: divert to process pumpOne sih4/b2h6 divert pump per system, will be provided by ordering Fab: divert to pedestal pumpOne TM pump per system, will be provided by ordering Fab: ADS 602LMOne LL pump per system, will be provided by ordering Fab: ADS 602LMheated foreline to pump: heated exhaust to guardian: installed but turned offOne LL pump per system, will be provided by ordering Fab: heated foreline to pump: NAheated exhaust to guardian:  Damage/Missing parts list Please inspect tool to reconfirmDry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales
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