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Purchase your next piece of equipment in as little as 24 hours with industry leading customer satisfaction.*
How It Works
1. Search for a specific tool or browse by category
2. Create an account to save listings and make offers
3. Manage saved searches, listings, and offers from your dashboard
4. Make an offer and get direct feedback from the seller in under 24 hours
How It Works
Why Moov?
One-stop-shop for all your procurement needs
Find over 10K models from over 1K OEMs, with end-to-end logistics and aftermarket refurbishment services available from our global network of partners.
Verified listings
All listings on Moov’s marketplace have been verified within 120 days to ensure accuracy and availability.
100% deal satisfaction guaranteed
We created the industry’s only Buyer Protection program to ensure what you pay for is exactly what you receive.
Better search results than Google
Our search engine is more accurate than Google, Bing, Yahoo! and eBay for specialized equipment searches, meaning you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for faster.
Complimentary Concierge and 24-hour customer service
Our global team of experts is available 24-hours/day, 7 days/week to answer your questions. Short on time or unsure where to start? Our traders will manage your search free of charge, and find you exactly what you need.
Top industry leaders use Moov
Gene Perez
Founder, US Foundry Solutions
Working with Moov for the past several years has been refreshing in many ways, but mostly in the speed at which transactions move. Because they have all real buyers and sellers plus tools to automate much of the process, all parties walk away happy.
Louis Fan
CEO, Ecelent Technology China Ltd.
The transaction processing time is very fast and efficient on the platform. Also, the team is extremely professional in logistics. It's been worry free working with Moov.
Earl Weltmer
Owner, Scanservice Corporation
There is an adage: good, cheap, and reliable; pick any two. With Moov you can add fast. Moov covers all four when buying used equipment. They consistently serve quality equipment at below-market prices. Their logistics process ensures that tools are properly transported and arrive safely at our facility in a transparent and timely manner. Moov’s platform adds value in every aspect.
Shelton Qiao
President, Sitronics China
Moov's website helps me find many good deals from all around the world. They have a good network and community of sellers. Also, they help us on many logistics projects. Overall, very good support.
Danny Lee
President, CSE Co., Ltd.
I am always impressed with the website and team of Moov. The website makes doing business fast and easy, with accurate equipment information. Moov is the future!